Target consumers through their behavior with Anonymous Video Analytics

NEC Field Analyst


Enhance your store’s effectiveness with video analytics. Study your consumer behavior and strategize ways to improve your business. Automatically collect and compile anonymous customer/visitor demographic data by using Field Analyst.

Smart Authentication can be used for entry point security, surveillance security, visitor management or all at once. 


Focus on data that matters

Consumer behavior

  • Study how your store window attracts traffic
  • Know the area of most interest
  • Find out duration of shopper in store
  • Analyze by time of day

Real-time measurement

Counts visitors entering and exiting, analyze age and gender and aggregates the results on real-time

Recognizes objects covering faces

It’s possible for Face recognition system to estimate several face-wears such as glasses/sunglasses and masks.

Privacy Considerations

Considering personal information and privacy issues, Field Analyst can be used safely in places where unspecified numbers of people visit as cameras do not record any images and only record data containing analysis results.

A wealth of experience and know-how

Ten years after inital launch, our products continue to evolve based on our extensive knowhow and proven track record.

Innotel Solutions Pte Ltd

Smart Automation is powered by a partnership between Innotel Solutions Pte Ltd and NEC Singapore.

Innotel Solutions Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1998. Over the years, we have grown with, and serviced business and individuals, from various industries of different sizes. We have positioned ourselves as a one-stop solution provider delivering innovative and effective solutions to our clients.

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